The New Jersey Food Truck Association (NJFTA) is made up of a group of food truck owners and operators who seek to enhance and add to the New Jersey dining experience by providing exciting and varied menu options showcasing distinct, quality food at an affordable price. Our association is the first New Jersey-based organization advocating for and bringing together mobile food vendors in the Garden State.

We seek to improve the quality of the food truck industry in our state while inspiring and bringing about fair and equitable operation of trucks in around New Jersey. We hope to expand opportunities for food trucks organizing events, arranging lots and street parking for mobile vendors, and developing a comprehensive network of food truck operators in our state.

We will also provide resources for existing trucks and future truck operators. By joining together, we create an organization that can address and alleviate the concerns of our individual members to local governments. Unifying our voices will also help us partner with other industries and merchants so that New Jersey becomes a place mobile food vendors can grow and blossom and positively affect their surrounding communities.

Our Mission

  • Advocate with NJ municipalities and government agencies to review codes, ordinances, procedures and general enforcement so that they can better address the realities of this new industry and not try to apply outdated and inapplicable rules to this unique and dynamic business model.
  • Educate food truck operators on how to best expand their business, educate consumers so that they have a better understanding of the nature of this industry, and to educate event planners so that they can better meet the needs of their constituents.
  • Acclimate new truck operators so they can become positive additions to this new culinary movement.
  • Regulate a code of behavior for the food truck industry to ensure that we are good neighbors and provide a benefit to our communities.
  • Create a system of addressing issues that may arise from our presence and develop equitable solutions to resolve any problems in the food truck industry.
  • Initiate a central contact point for members of the food truck community who wish to avail themselves of the services of our members.
  • Allocate industry resources among the food truck community so that we can all benefit from a shared source of contacts to enhance our businesses.
  • Communicate news and advances in our industry to both our members and our patrons.